just life

weeknotes, 24/21

– the boy got his vaccination scheduled for next week! :D i’m supposed to be able to schedule mine tomorrow, and i can’t wait! soooo ready to do my part in order to end this pandemic already. plus, i want hugs!

– speaking of which, my parents are coming to visit next week, both also fully vaccinated and with arms wide open!

– after talking about craig‘s walking adventures in japan for ages, the boy surprised me with a special projects membership for my birthday. it has been a real treat to explore all the members-only materials, and getting even more wanderlust to go hike some pilgrimage routes in japan.

– i also got a new analogue camera, which we built from scratch on my birthday and then took for a spin. can’t wait to see what’ll come out of it!

– and this gorgeous bunch of flowers, from a friend on the other side of the world:

i feel ridiculously lucky, and loved.

just life

turning 39

it’s my birthday todaaaay! i’m feeling pretty good about turning 39 actually — very much content and at peace with myself.

here’s to another happy year around the sun!

just life

weeknotes, 23/21

i’m now caught up with the azores posts (woohoo!), though not at all caught up with work (sigh…). but besides that, here’s what else has been going on lately:

– played kubb with friends + had a picnic, both perfect to inaugurate the summer season.

– watched douglas by hannah gadsby, and coded bias, looking forward to roadrunner.

good news for those of us who’ll probably have alzheimer at some point!

– finally started a javascript course! it’s been years since i last coded anything, so i’m a little bit excited to learn the ropes of another new language.

just life

weeknotes, 19/21

– the letter is off to the landlord, and so, unless something weird happens, i guess we’re buying a house! scary and exciting in equal measure.

– first covid nose + throat swab. unpleasant, but mercifully quick. two more to go in the next few weeks.

– stumbled on a pair of friendly egyptian goose, just going about their day at parque das nações! the thrill of spotting a new bird for the first time still hasn’t worn off.

– and we’re off to the azores! :)

just life

weeknotes, 18/21

– i guess we’re buying a house? my head hurts from all the math we have to do in order to pull this through, and it’s scary not knowing how things will go. this is very much not our style… but we’ve talked to so many different people about it this week, and everyone says we’d be fools not to go ahead, so i think i feel a bit more at ease with the decision now. let’s see how it goes.

– now that i know we’ll be staying put for a few more years, i’m going to hang these cute birdhouses that my brother made for us. :) we’ll try to put them in spots that we can see from the house, so that we can spy their new occupants. i’m rooting for blue tits!

– finally got a prescription to treat a stupid nail fungus that has been bothering me for a while now. good riddance.