just life weeknotes

weeknotes, 16/21

– spent the week in the north, helping the in-laws run errands and making sure they got the second round of vaccinations. all the parental units are either vaccinated or have appointments to get that done. hurray! :D

– currently using the momentum from our last hiking trip to plan new stuff. morale has been a bit low, so trying to remember there are things to look forward to.

– put together a walking desk of sorts in my parents old treadmill. it’s surprisingly comfy to type on it — i think i might make one at home, so that i don’t sit so much during working hours. raking up thousands of steps during the workday feels a bit like cheating, but if it works to strengthen the back and make me healthier, i’m all for it.

– while looking for stuff to draw, came up with an idea of drawing this day in (our) history. so everyday i go through our photos and draw something we photographed on this day, in previous years — an haphazard diary of sorts. it’s surprisingly soothing, and also nice to have an excuse to look back and remember.

25th of april, always!

just life weeknotes

weeknotes, 15/21

– this week was just… ugh. being away is amazing, but coming back to work after a few days away feels like being slammed by an avalanche. it’s relentless and overwhelming, and it takes days to catch up.

– on better news, my air plant is blooming! i got it from a friend’s mom, and it has been hanging in our olive tree ever since it got here last summer, looking half-dead. we just let it be, and now there’s pink flowers in it, whoa!

– following our detour into the chinese supermarket last week, i cooked my first gong bao chicken. omg, it was amazing!! :D i feel like i performed some sort of sorcery involving a dozen ingredients that somehow leveled up my powers!

– i finished listening to the artist’s way. i’ve been writing morning pages on and off for years, so it feels good to finally read the book that started this idea of stream of consciousness writing as a sort of rambling meditation, of getting rid of the thoughts that just clutter the mind.