fried cheese!

(there are some things left to be said about slovenia, so this is a backtracking post about one of those things, which someday will be moved back to a time that matches our stay there.)

fried cheese with fries. it’s one of those dishes that you can always get in any restaurant in slovenia, like a safe option for vegetarians and picky eaters alike. it’s as common as eggs with fries where i come from, and yet, we had never heard of it before.

when our friends first suggested it on a roadtrip through the slovenian mountains, we couldn’t even imagine how it would be possible. small mozzarella sticks are one thing, but whole slices of cheese? we had our doubts, so we stopped on the first roadside restaurant we could find to correct our ignorance. and of course, they had fried cheese – along with bear goulash and other local specialities.

i think something might have clicked when the first forkful of delicious melted cheese hit our tongues. soft and chewy cheese and crunchy breading… that was a moment when i realised “wow, i could eat this forever and never get bored!” it was so good and irresistible we had it 2 days in a row. :)

yum yum! :D

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  • joana says:

    it’s a speacialty as well in slovakia, it sounds quite bad i agree, but it’s really yummy :D

  • Danny says:

    How do they make it? Is there a recipe?

  • ana says:

    hi Danny! there’s a fried cheese recipe on this page (you’ll need to scroll down):

  • Skorcica says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I just wanted to look at yours a little, but now I can’t stop, so interesting and beautiful pictures.
    It’s very interesting to read about my own country aswell – you’re quite an expert! :)
    Ha! And it’s so funny how some Balkan food, like čevapčiči, burek or pleskavica became popular here in Slovenia, we adoptet all of thet completely – no wonder as it is all delicious! :)
    I also love love ocvrti sir (fried cheese), but it really is so “everywhere” that I try to avoid it, so that I can eat also something else now and then. :)
    It’s easy to prepare, too: you just take slices of cheese (edamec or Edam cheese supposed to be the best for this) and than you do it like for dunajski zrezek or wienerschnitzel – first you put it into flour, then scrambled eggs, then into bread crumbs (by frying cheese you repeat the last two dips before you put it on oil for short time (you turn it after awhile) – that’s it! :)

    (Sorry for my English, I wrote it in a hurry, I’m getting so hungry! :)

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