analogue wednesday #102

first frames from R4R-2, the second roll i double-exposed and developed from Roll4Roll. this one contains bit of portugal and spain, by me and mokko8.

analogue wednesday #101

a danish traffic sign, plus a portuguese concert and tiles, still from a roll4roll swap. click for bigger.

analogue wednesday #100

woohoo! 100 analogue wednesdays here on the blog! :)

#100 is a favourite one from roll4roll, featuring more cows and an upside-down lake reflection! turns out, dorte and i shot our rolls upside-down from each other, unknowingly. makes for some funny frames… and a hard time deciding which side is up on each of them!

one second everyday — june 2017

i have to say, june was pretty sweet. we saved a swallow (a story for another post), gave blood, did a little roadtrip in andaluzia, celebrated my 35th birthday with my parents who came over for a few days, saw the passionfruit vines grow huge and met lots of friends for meals. in between all the excitement, there were also lots of quiet days working from the couch (where it’s usually fresher) — a good balance overall.

bring it on, july! :)

moroccan danone

we were pleasantly surprised to discover that danone in morocco had a couple of regional (and seasonal!) flavours: dates + walnuts + almonds, and another one with dried figs + honey!

these were pretty cool, and could easily sell around here as well. how about some regional algarve flavours? figs, almonds and carob, for instance — the holy trinity of the south! :D