analogue wednesday #154

beautiful hanging signs, from a roadtrip in bavaria.

milk in bags

one of the things you see around here in canada is milk being sold in bags, which is something that i had not seen since china.

it’s way cheaper than its tetra pak’d alternatives, so i can understand why it’s popular. just put a package on a plastic jug, cut open a little hole in a corner (not too big or you’ll be spilling the thing everywhere!)… et voilà!

the same milk, but with much less packaging per liter. sounds good to me! :)


i don’t remember the last time we did a trip far away enough to justify having jetlag, but i definitely has it. luckily, tim hortons is here to help…

…because we’re in canada! :D it’s been over 10 years since the last time we were in north america, but things still have the same familiar feel. like walking down a movie set, we recognize their cemented driveways and big houses, the restaurant chains and the easy greetings of the people that we meet. i can’t wait to get out and explore… but first, coffee.

eggs on postcards!

a beautiful egg-themed postcard that landed on our mailbox some weeks ago, all the way from finland. friends definitely know how to cheer us up! :)

analogue wednesday #153

the pretty trimmings of buçaco palace, as seen by the holga.