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the sea organ in zadar

i’ve been intrigued by the idea of a sea organ ever since i first noticed it’s existence in 2007 (while in china!) and mentioned it here on the blog – with no idea that life would eventually bring me so close to it!

so, one of these days we rented a car for the day and drove all the way down to the coastal town of zadar, in croatia, to check it out.

i don’t know if many people would call it impressive, but to me, the simplicity of the concept is what makes it so pleasing and genial. the waves hit the pipes, air rushes out and sounds are produced. you just sit there by the sea and enjoy the sun and the symphony created by the sea and the boats. it’s just… really cool. :)

we only noticed our camera was not charged when we got there, but you can see what it sounds like in many youtube videos like this one:

another item off the list, and another day well spent!

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