in germany in slovenia traveling

von: ljubljana ——————> nach: berlin!

it’s pretty much set in stone at this point: the bags are more or less packed, the bikes have been sold, the vacuum cleaner is gone, and we have the train tickets on the table.

berlin is our next stop! :D

we’re moving on april 1st. we’re excited, we’re nervous, we’re knee-deep in decluttering and packing… and we’re quite sad to leave, yet insanely pleased of our choice of living in slovenia – it’s been a wonderful wonderful year.

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It was nice reading your posting from Slovenia. In some places that you have shown us, I have never been before. It will be even nicer to see your posting from Berlin. Bon voyage!

Boa viagem, Ana e Paulo. Vou sentir muitas saudades dos teus posts sobre a Eslovénia, mas sempre tenho o Arquivo para reler.
Acredito que Berlim vos vai trazer muito entusiasmo. E os teus “seguidores” ficarão ansiosos pelos próximos relatos.

@jorge: we wanted a big city next, and within the big capitals of europe, berlin is probably the most inexpensive. plus, we’ve been hearing lots of good things coming from there lately, so why not. :)

wow – i’m so jealous and eager to meet you again somewhere in this wide big world full of surprises, nice food, beautiful campers, great skies, speachless landscapes, funny pictures and and and…
pls let me know your new homebase coordinates – for a foto or two – and maybe a double exposed film – we’re travelling and moving and living… ooo btw my nxt stop is lissabon ;) any suggestions of you have to see blibla?!

Gut! Gut! Sehr gut Stadt :)
Ich bin in Zürich aber das kann sich in Zukunft ändern.
Genießen sie Berlin.

ps: Mein Deutsche is nicht sehr gut noch :-)

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