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hallo aus berlin

it took us a while to settle down in this city – it’s all too big, too foreign, too bureaucratic, and frankly, more than a little intimidating with its omnipresent obsession with cool. but we’re getting the hang of it.

our new home is a sunny ground-floor apartment with wooden floors and windows on every room. it’s on a quiet little street, so little in fact that it has the word kleine on its name. :)

the house came completely empty, a clean sheet that we are slowly filling with ikea goods, ebay treasures and other things we’ve found on nearby second hand shops. every day it feels a little bit more ours, a little bit more home.

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Olá Ana!

Berlim é uma boa escolha. Vai publicando por aqui umas fotos :-)

Eu estou de partida da Bélgica e irei temporariamente para Malta, e nos entretantos, Paris, Roterdão, Lisboa, Antuérpia, Bruxelas, Cracóvia e Zakopane estão no roteiro dos fins de semana.

Que a saga continue! Até um destes dias!


yay, you’re back! (and so am i, btw, but in a different blog)

can’t wait to read more posts about berlin! get writing, girl! :)

Oláo meu nome é ana catarino, costumo ver o teu blog, e como vou visitar Berlim em Junho por 3 dias, será que me poderias dar algumas dicas sobre a vida ai, o que achas que é mais essencial de visitar?

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