foooood in slovenia


the first days in a new city are always exhausting – particularly on a city this huge! we’re not used to the scale of berlin, and often miscalculate the time it takes from a to b, ending up walking kilometers… the days are filled with bureaucracy: bank accounts, credit records, proof of income, proof that previous rents have been paid, registration… so it’s been slow, and so far, we know very little about the real berlin. i can’t wait for us to find a house and start enjoying this new city.

but meanwhile, how about some loose bits of slovenia to take our minds off this? i know just the thing…

…burek! :D

we were introduced to the deliciousness of burek in slovenia, but later discovered they are popular all throughout the balkans and turkey. it consists of layers of flaky pastry filled with cheese, spinach, meat or apple. although this is probably the most popular street food in slovenia, we’re not big fans of the ones that you can buy on the street, because they are usually soggy with grease… but if you can get frozen ones at any supermarket and do them on your oven, they take 40mins or so in medium/high heat. when the outer shell gets brownish, they should be cooked all the way through. the insides will remain soft and melt in your mouth… and the cheese is a sort of cottage cheese that tastes really good with the pastry.

mham! just looking at these photos is making me really hungry! and given the number of turkish people in berlin, we should be able to feed our addiction from here as well :)

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that must be Burek from Nama. I recognise it by it’s shape. Quite greasy too. The best Burek in Ljubljana they sell at the cheese market, but the best burek I ever had was in Zadar, opposite of fish market. You know ? She has moved to Berlin recently too.

@ana: we get it at mercator, but maybe nama has the same ones :)
i’ve been following sandra’s blog for sometime now, so it was a nice surprise to realise that she was moving to berlin. though i don’t know if i have her courage to fully renovate an apartment like that…

Sounds delicious! I’ve never bee to Slovenia, but I’m often in Berlin. Maybe we can buy it there. (Not that we have no Turks in the Netherlands, but I’m allergic to tasty food. It always makes me want more!)

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