foooood in azores

supermarkets in azores

so one of the things i like to do when visiting a place is to walk around the supermarket and find the things we can’t find at home (see here, here, here or here). i didn’t expect to actually see a lot of these in azores, since well, this is still portugal after all… and yet, a supermarket there, even a chain from the mainland, is still a bit different from what we find around here.

first off, you can tell you’re a bit closer to the usa from the kind of things and brands they stock:

and then, there are lots and lots of local products, far more than you’d see in any region in portugal! stuff like meat, cheese and dairy of course, but also vegetables grown in the islands, local teas and jams, biscuits and tinned stuff, and even pizza!

i wish i had some of these in the mainland too though, they were great — especially the cheeses and breads!

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