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“When arriving in a city, we see streets in perspective.
Sequences of buildings with no meaning. Everything is unknown, virgin.
Later we’ll have lived in this city.
We’ll have walked in its streets.
We’ll have been to the end of the perspectives.
We’ll have seen all the buildings.
We’ll have lived stories with people.
When we’ll have lived in this city, we’ll have taken this street a thousand times. After a moment, everything belongs to you because you’ve lived there.

It was to happen but I didn’t know it yet.

This thing that sounds weird was added to the long list of old weird names that we have somewhere in our brain. Ljubljana, Trnovo, Ziherlova, slightly slipped next to Shanghai, Groningen, Braga, Ermesinde and Porto.

It becomes normal and familiar.”

on the eve of moving, i always come back to adapt this quote from the movie l’auberge espagnole. these streets we’ve walked a thousand times are ours too.

and now, off to berlin we go! :)

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Hey, now you are just around the corner. Joint postcrossing today, it’s such a wonderful thing and I’m totally excited about it and can’t wait to see where the first postcard is from that I receive. Wohoo.

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